“Through my presentations to the Northern California Keiretsu Forum chapter, I have raised over $4M dollars. Not only do I attract investors capital when I present, I have gained loyal investors that continue to provide additional capital for my current and future projects."


— Ben Lyons – Managing Director, LYNK Capital

“8 out of 11 of Linqto's advisory board members and 75% of our investment have come as a result of my presentations at Keiretsu Forum. I have presented at six different Keiretsu Forum chapters including Northern California, Pacific Northwest, Mumbai, Istanbul, Singapore and Chennai. This global organization has provided me with a valuable chance to gain capital from investors across the world.”


Bill Sarris – CEO, Linqto

HCN-newlogo-Mar29-2014 45%.jpg

“My company HCN has raised over $3M from the Keiretsu network over the past 2 years. I am deeply grateful for the opportunity that Keiretsu has given me to syndicate my success across North America, enabling us to raise a lot more funding than could be achieved through any single local Angel chapter. I would strongly recommend Keiretsu to any young company looking to raise funds for growth!

— Kevin Bidner CEO, Hotel Communication Network


As a first time entrepreneur, finding the right early capital partners is difficult.

Keiretsu provided me with a wide network of angel investors to pitch. Being a unique company with very few investors who can actually help the brand, being able to pitch to such a wide variety of individuals proved important for our success.

We found several investors through the network who truly helped us scale.”

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Tyler Handley – CEO, Inkbox Ink Inc.

“Keiretsu group were instrumental in our two rounds of financing. Through their network we landed crucial early investors that enabled us to complete our initial product development and distribution. Later in our IPO round, we met a group of investors through Keiretsu who provided a significant amount of funding and, more importantly, much needed momentum to help us complete our $4.8mm IPO.

Through the entire process, they were an endless source of optimism and support, and provided great counsel and introductions to help us get our business off the ground.”


— Terence M. Donnelly CEO, Hill Street Beverage Co

Keiretsu Forum Members:

EXPO - one of the best ideation sessions I have ever been to in my life.”

— Keiretsu Forum Member